The precious fruits of our land

grow in the heart of Valpolicella

We are convinced that perfection should be a starting point as well as a point of arrival. With each passing year we face a new and stimulating challenge. A new balance. We believe in quality as an absolute value that can only be achieved with commitment, passion and love!

"El Cencio"

Renzo Spada, founder of the Spada winery, is nicknamed “El Cencio”, the giving of nicknames being a frequent custom in the rural Valpolicella of the 1950s. He remains a lover of the land and life in the fields, but also of all that nature can give him.

From hisdedication and experience, especially in the drying techniques of the grapes, this red wine of strong and persistent character is born. The label is specially printed on natural wood, representing a symbol of history and tradition. Valpolicella wines owe their prestige to a unique and varied territory, but also to the richness of the native vines which constitute a perfect fusion of the expression of this area.